Read the passage carefully and circle the correct answers.

      Once, there was a fat fish. The fat fish was orange. The fat fish saw a funny frog. The frog was green.
      The fish saw a furry fruit. The fruit was red. The fish saw a fair fairy. The fairy was blue.
      The fish saw a fancy flower. The flower was purple. “What a colourful world!” said the fish.


 1.    What colour was the fat fish?

a.   white                    b. orange                    c. red

2.   What colour was the funny frog?

a.   blue                     b. brown                     c. green

3.   What was the red furry fruit?

a.   pineapple             b. rambutan                c. durian

4.   What colour was the fancy flower?

a.   blue                     b. purple                     c. yellow

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